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Kamigawa is one of the same trades well-known in bicycle pedal manufacturing industries a long.
Our trend setting products ranging from BMX, MTB , Road Racing, Trekking and exercise.
The production line is quite completely. In these years the product line breaks though the transition to fight in one place after another the high grade CNC product, quite receiving the high grade product a market area to separate in sells.
These dynamic ranges oh bicycle CNC machined pedal products have created waves in the global market. We enjoy an exhaustive client-base around the global. The quality of our products has contributed our  success in the highly competitive market. We have a closely manufacturing process and strict quality control policy enable us to meet market demand. Our products can be custom-made to the everying production needs.
Continually try to keep get best customer's standard. Continually try to maintain and improve and develop without end to creat new busi... [more]
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